carpet installation

There are many reasons to love carpet

Years ago, carpet was a very different product than the amazing choices we have today. Some carpet fibers can hold up to the toughest stains and a ton of foot traffic. No matter what your lifestyle, activity level, or how many people live in your home, there's a product just for you.

At Tucson Carpet Express we have always put our customers first and strive to bring them the highest-quality carpeting in the Tuscon area. Some carpet now comes with stain protection manufactured into the fibers themselves, which offers a brand new level of stain-fighting abilities. Spills and messes are no longer guaranteed to soak into the fibers, creating permanent stains, making these carpets easier to clean.

There are also fibers specifically created to help ease allergy symptoms. These hypoallergenic fibers catch and trap all kinds of allergens, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and more. The result is an environment in which you can breathe easier, all day, every day.

For busy, active households, you'll appreciate the benefits of noise reduction in your home - especially between floors. A quieter house is a more comfortable and relaxing home.

If you are looking for carpet in Green Valley, Oro Valley, Rancho Sahuarita, or Tuscon, you need to contact us today.