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Moving On Up: 5-Year Sell or Stay?

Planning to sell your home in the next 5 years? When choosing carpet, consider its appeal to a wider audience.

Choosing carpet for a wider audience:

  • Neutral Colors & Styles: Opt for timeless shades and classic patterns that resonate with most buyers.
  • Durable & Easy-Clean: Choose a carpet that can withstand normal wear and tear until closing day. Look for materials and textures that handle cleaning well.
  • Think "Clean Slate": Consider a carpet that allows for easy pre-sale deep cleaning to present your home in its best light. This way, you invest in a carpet that enhances your enjoyment while remaining a valuable asset for potential buyers.

Bonus Tip: Discuss the "moving soon" scenario with our experts! We can recommend specific carpet options that tick all the boxes for a smooth transition and maximized return on your investment.

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