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Carpet facts that really matter

In choosing the perfect carpet for your home, the answer lies primarily in choosing the right fiber. While some fibers are long, soft, and as luxurious as possible, this might not be the right choice for every room in your home. How long you will own the property and its use help in determining whether nylon, polyester or Smartstrand are the best option for you, and will be covered in your consultation. Fiber types and yarn weight affect the cost and are application-specific. The correct fiber ensures you’ll get the best value for your investment.

This is the game-changer. Regardless of the amount of your investment, the finished product will be determined by the installation. This is our focus. Our installers use first quality installation materials; premium seam tape and latex sealers. Oftentimes, the latex sealer is skipped entirely because it is $40 a gallon. We use latex sealer at carpet-to-tile transitions to prevent pulling and fraying. Shims are often required at tile doorways to achieve correct height at transitions as needed. If you've ever stumbled at a transition, you'll appreciate this. Installations are performed to Carpet and Rug Institute cr104 and 105 guidelines, adhering to proper seam-making and power-stretching specifications.

Manufacturer research has determined that the first twelve steps upon entry to your home cleans the bottoms of your feet. Shoe removal can curtail soiling, and help keep your carpet looking fresher longer. Manufacturers recommend vacuum-cleaning traffic patterns three times per week.

Oftentimes people ask for a dark color carpet to make soiling less apparent. Dark colors are a personal choice and can be a double-edged sword. Warranty guidelines require truck-mounted steam-cleaning annually, and receipts for proof of proper care. Heavier used carpets can be cleaned twice a year.
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Dear Mr. Golden:

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the carpet installation you just completed for me at my home. You were highly recommended by my longtime carpet cleaning service(Steve Boyd) who I have a great deal of trust and experience with. I appreciate you coming to the house and providing me with a quote in a timely manner. I also appreciate you giving me at least Two days notice of the scheduled installation. Most important is that you showed on the day you stated and finished the job.

I was impressed with the quality of the installation. I noted that you used a carpet stretcher and that to me is One of many signs of a true professional. I can respect the amount of time and work your Three-person crew spent on the job. It was invaluable to have all the large furniture carefully removed and then returned to each of the rooms. Having you haul away the old carpet and pad was appreciated, too.

I am very happy with the quality and price you provided me. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.


Jim Kolbe

We'll bring the carpet store to your floor, below are stock carpets available for immediate installation

Tiger Eye #2
Walnut #4

Over 60% of carpet repair/restretch issues are due to installation day errors

Some things to consider:

Carpets have multiple backings that are all installation-specific.
  • Unitary Backing - Adhesive/sealer specific requires rolling
  • Action Back - Polypropylene stretch percentage specific 1.5% - 2.5%
  • Soft Back - Requires different stretching technique
All of these specifications need to be followed or your repair/restretch/installation WILL FAIL.
Yarn Carpets have multiple yarn systems.
  • Nylon - Less affected by heat friction, solution dyed impervious to stain
  • Polyester - Most mimics wool in sheen, solution dyed impervious to stain
  • SmartStrand - Engineered for softness
  • Staple Yarn - Produced with remnants of yarn at the mill, typically very fuzzy
  • Continuous filament - Yarn is all made from one strand
  • Berber - Comes in an all loop construction

These yarns require different widths of seam tape and seam cutting techniques.

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